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Gemstone Info Library

Agate – It’s name is associated with the Achates River in Sicily. A member of the Chalcedony family, It was discovered by a Greek naturalist around 400 BC. Believed to be a warrior stone. It has protective powers, enhances courage, confidence, and strength.

Other Agate stones: 

Gray Agate - this stone is thought to have a calming and soothing effect on the wearer, particularly in times of trauma.

Blue Agate - associated with truth, loyalty and reliability

Black Agate, Banded Black Agate - Black Agates are believed to bring prosperity and courage. Many believe it to also be a balancing stone.

Crazy Blue Lace Agate - considered a stone of happiness, laughter and good fortune, it also brings one strength and courage.

Amazonite – This stone was named after the Amazon River. This beautiful soft blue stone is considered the “hope” stone. It is believed to have a soothing, calming effect on the wearer, it helps to dispel negative energy and let go of grief and sadness

Amethyst – Amethysts have been used as gemstone adornments since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Greeks believed Amethysts could prevent intoxication and would wear it as an amulet around their necks while drinking.  According to Ancient Greek mythology, Bacchus, the god of wine, desired a young virgin maiden named, Amethyste.  Amethyste refused Bacchus’s advances and prayed to the virgin goddess, Diana for assistance in her desire to remain chaste.  Hearing her pleas Diana turned Amethyste into a statue of glimmering pure white Quartz. Bacchus, realizing that he would not have her, wept tears of wine over the statue, creating its beautiful purple color. Amethysts have been associated with spirituality, faith and wisdom, and are believed to have curative, protective powers.

Other amethysts – Lavender Amethyst – a soft lilac colored stone, it is natural and untreated

Ammonite Shell – These are fossilized specimens of cephalopods, ancient marine animals that have died out six million years ago that are found solidified in rock. Their spiral shape represent change and positive motion

Aqua Aura Quartz - natural Quartz rough with an Aquamarine mystic coating. Aura Quartz is natural crystal that is electrostatically bonded with another mineral like gold or platinum that creates a new crystal. The color that results is a natural phenomena, and is not dyed. It is one of the few man altered crystals to be approved by alchemists. It is meant to symbolize what is possible when nature and man work together. It has been used in the ancient practice of alchemy as a magical and beloved crystal. Aqua Aura Quartz has a beautiful rainbow color sheen on white Quartz. It has the same properties as Quartz as well as the healing properties of the gemstone it is bonded with. Aqua Aura is bonded with Aquamarine, the resulting crystal releases negativity from emotional and physical bodies. It also relieves stress and depression, and eases tension and pain.

Aquamarine – From the Beryl family, “aqua” meaning water, “mare” meaning sea. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Aquamarine stones washed ashore after spilling out from the treasure chests of sirens, mermaid-like creatures who would lure sailors to their doom. The delicate light blue color evokes the purity of crystal clear waters and the calming powers of the sea. Aquamarine is considered an inspiration stone, it alleviates stress, promotes tranquility and brings good fortune

Amber - though technically Amber is fossilized tree resin and not actually a stone, it is still considered a gemstone. Derived from the Ancient Greek word “elektron” meaning beaming sun.  According to ancient legend, when Phaeton, son of the Sun god, Helios, was killed, the tears of his mourning sisters turned into Amber. It’s rich golden color resembles the amber light that shines down from the sky. It’s considered a stone of renewal.

Apatite – an inspirational stone, assists with overcoming grief and sadness

Some Apatite stones – Blue Apatite, Neon Blue Apatite – this stone is famous for it’s brilliant neon blue color

Beryl – has Ancient Indian origins, it is the family where you will find Emerald, Aquamarine and Morganite.

multi beryl – usually light peach, blue and brown

Botswana Agate – believed to have been formed in African volcanoes 187 million years ago. It is mined in Botswana, South Africa. It has been referred to as the “Sunset Stone” because of its ability to retain sunlight and is said to give comfort during dark and lonely times.

Blue Opal – found in the Andes Mountains, it is the national stone of Peru.  A member of the Opal family, it is natural and untreated. In Ancient times, it was thought to have been a gift from the Inca goddess, Pachamama, while others believed that the gods sent the stone from heaven through lightning bolts.  It’s soothing soft blue color resembles the sky and is seen as a powerful stone for emotional healing and low confidence.

Blue Terra Agate – robin’s egg blue in color with bands of brown making it appear as if the sky and the beach has been contained in one stone. It is believed that this stone will re-balance and harmonize body, mind and spirit

Calcite – a common mineral found throughout the world in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. It is believed to have the ability to amplify and cleanse energy.

Carnelian – it is a variety of the Chalcedony family. The Ancient Egyptians believed it brought good luck and peace to the wearer, and that it warded off evil spirits. Today it’s bright orange color is thought to symbolize bold energy, warmth and joy that stimulates and empowers, a stone of courage.

Chalcedony – a form of Quartz, it was a sacred stone of the Native Americans. It’s believed to nurture brotherhood, good will and to alleviate hostility

Chrome Diopside – a one source, rare gemstone found in Inagli, Siberia. It has an extremely limited mining period due to extreme 

temperature conditions, most mines are now depleted. This brilliant green, naturally colored stone is believed to bring peace and tranquility to the wearer

Chrysoprase – member of Chalcedony family, comes from Greek word “chrysos” meaning gold and “prase” meaning green. Its pale apple green color instills poise and grace in the wearer, it also promotes prosperity and good fortune

Chrysocolla – also comes from the Greek word “chrysos” meaning gold. This stone’s blue green color, is believed to cleanse and re-energize all the chakras, draws out guilt, heals heartache and increases the capacity to love

Citrine – sister stone to Amethyst, it’s yellow color ranges from bright to golden to mandarin, it promotes optimism and repels negative energy, believed to carry the energy of the sun. Some believe this stone helps one pick up the broken pieces and feel “sunny” again.

Conch Pearl - this rare “pearl” is formed when a particle of sand or broken piece of shell gets inside of a Queen conch mollusk, which is an edible sea snail from the Caribbean. It’s natural pastel pink to coral in color and has been used in jewelry since the Victorian era. Though not a true pearl, it is believed to be a symbol of infinity and to bring good luck.

Dalmatian Stone – also known as “Dalmatian Jasper” this is a white stone with small black inclusions that look like spots. Found in Chihuahua, Mexico, it was named after the dog breed. It is believed to strengthen one’s connection to Mother Earth.

Dendritic Opal – natural and untreated stone from Australia, it was named for the presence of “dendrites,” the thin branch-like inclusions on the white opal. This is a balancing stone that aids in spiritual growth.

Dragon Blood Stone – a stone of courage, in Ancient times it was believed that the flecks of red on the deep green background represented the bravery of warriors in battle. It is also believed to alleviate anger and hostility, and to promote self confidence and wisdom

Dragon’s Vein Agate - a stone of various colors with “vein like” designs.  It symbolizes the strength and power of the dragon known in Eastern mythology as the legendary creature that brings the energy of the sprawling plains to the mountains. It is thought to bring out one’s hidden talents and natural gifts and improves self confidence.

Drusy Quartz – naturally forming sugar like crystals that are found inside a geode. It is a powerful stress reliever bringing healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Dzi beads – Ancient Agate beads, referred to as the “batik stone”. The Ancient Tibetans thought them to be insects that have become petrified and left as a gift for a person with good karma. It is believed that they bring good luck and ward off evil.

Emerald – the “King of Jewels”; one of the “big 3” precious gemstones from the Beryl family. It was mined in Ancient Egypt as early as 2000 BC. Cleopatra was said to have adorned herself with this beautiful green stone. According to legend, an Emerald was given to King Solomon as a gift from the gods. Because of its rich green color it has been referred to as “green fire” representing eternal spring and new beginnings. Aristotle believed that carrying an Emerald aided the owner’s ability to speak with confidence. Emeralds are also believed to bring inspiration, balance, and wisdom.

Fancy Agate and Jasper – also known as “Indian Agate” it is natural and untreated and is found in a variety of colors – greens, browns, lavender, creams, etc. A sister stone to Amethyst, Indian Agate is known as the stone of eternity. It brings comfort to the idea of aging, inner beauty, wisdom and gratitude for all that is, and all that will be.

Fluorite – comes from the Latin word “fleure” which means to flow. This stone will appear to have “fluorescence” a magical glow, when a UV light is shown through it. It has been referred to as “the most colorful mineral in the world” because it can be found in a rainbow of colors, though purple, white, blue and green are the most common. It is believed that fluorite has powerful healing properties and can absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy.

Fossil Jasper – excellent protection stone, particularly for travelers. It is a good grounding stone that provides a feeling of wellness.

Garnet – coming from the Latin word, “Garanatus” which means “seed like” and is believed to have referred to the seeds of the Pomegranate due to its deep red color. It has been used since the Bronze Age, and is said to embody the energy of fire. Garnet is referred to as stone of passionate devotion for family, friends or self, it also attracts good luck in business

Golden or Yellow Opal – colors range from a dark yellow to a sunny gold. It stimulates originality and creativity and is known as the “stone of happy dreams”

Golden Rutilated Quartz – Quartz with “rutiles” - needle like inclusions, a strong energy source, believed to help in getting to the root of a problem, referred to as the illuminator of the soul

Green Peruvian Opal - found in the Andes Mountains, this beautiful natural and untreated soft green stone is a grounding stone that helps with emotional and spiritual healing. It is believed to help unburden the heart from past traumas and balance the emotions.

Hematite - a naturally occurring crystal, it is a metallic silver gray to black in color with streaks of red. It is a grounding and balancing stone that helps absorb negative energy. A man made version of hematite is referred to as hematite and has magnetic properties.

Howlite - also know as Magnesite, it was first discovered in1868 in Nova Scotia, it is often referred to as a “stimulant stone” due to the fact that it can be dyed to imitate other gemstones. Naturally bone colored, it is a calming stone that soothes the mind, body and spirit.

Imperial Jasper - found 50 miles northwest of Guadalajara, Mexico on the side of a steep canyon, it has the same properties of power, strength and protection as Jasper, but adds qualities of organization and focus.

Iolite – referred to as the “Viking’s Compass” by Danish archaeologist, Thorkild Ramskou, who found Viking’s writings referring to this stone’s ability to determine the direction of the hidden sun. A deep violet blue black colored stone, it is believed to aid with inner vision and awareness

Jade – Jadeite and nephrite – referred to as the “Jewel of Heaven”, it is a stone of the heart, and is believed to alleviate fear and to bring good fortune

Jasper – member of the Chalcedony family – comes from the Latin words, “lapsis” which means spotted stone, a nurturing stone it is believed to alleviate mental stress and to help achieve balance in your life

Kambaba Jasper Stone – natural, untreated from Madagascar, called crocodile stone due to the presence of its “reptilian eyes” – it is a stone of peace and tranquility, alleviates stress

Kunzite – a rare exotic stone, it was discovered in 1902 by Frederic Kunz, former head buyer from Tiffany’s,. A beautiful pale pinkish lilac color it is believed to be deeply connected to the heart and to everlasting love. It was said the John F. Kennedy had purchased a Kunzite ring for Jackie’s birthday but sadly, was assassinated before he could give it to her. Frederic Kunz also discovered “Morganite” which he named after JP Morgan

Kyanite – a rare mineral, formed when metamorphic rock is subjected to extremely high pressure, a calming stone that is usually blue in color but is also found in black, gray and turquoise. It is believed to promote clarity, healing and protection

Labradorite - this phenomena stone is referred to as the “black rainbow”, found in Labrador, Canada. According to Ancient Inuit legend, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, were trapped inside a stone until a warrior tried to set it free with his spear. Some of the lights remained trapped inside so that when you look at this dark gray stone in the light you will see the magical display of colors of peacock blue, bright yellow and soft green. This is referred to as “labradorescence”. This stone is believed to be one of the most powerful protective stones, and will create a shield against the negativity of the world.

Lapis Lazuli- referred to as a “sapphire of the decades”, it is one of the oldest mined gemstones and has been found in prehistoric tombs. Long associated with royalty and deities, Ancient Egyptian thought it came from the heavens and provided protection in the afterlife. It is said that Cleopatra ground up the stone and used it for eye shadow due to its brilliant blue color. Michelangelo is said to have ground this stone to create the beautiful blue skies of the Sistine Chapel. This beautiful “royal” blue stone contains veins of gold pyrite. A stone of love, peace, wisdom and awareness, it will bring truth and tranquility to its wearer.

Larimar – another single source gemstone, this beautiful pale blue green stone is only found in Hispaniola in the Caribbean. Discovered in 1916, it wasn’t named until 1974. Larimar is also known as the “Atlantis” stone or “Dolphin” stone due to it ocean like color. It is believed to harness the powers of water, and allows the wearer to tap into the energy of mythical Atlantis. It is also believed to soften, enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional and spiritual way

Lava Rock – solidified volcanic lava, it is considered a “grounding stone” and helps strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth

Malachite – Italians believe it protects from the “evil eye”, a stone of transformation, this banded green stone promotes spiritual growth

Mookaite – a natural, untreated gemstone only found along the Mooka River in Western Australia, It is referred to as an Australian sunset, because its natural colors (beautiful shades of creme brulee, sunset yellow, mauve, earth red, saffron yellow, mahogany, plum, caramel, Merlot, and cafe Au tail) – it is a stone of strength and resilience

Moonstone – a member of the Feldspar family, it is a phenomena stone, known for its “inner glow” referred to as “adularescence”, a unique optical illusion of a rainbow like glow that’s reflected on its surface in the light. Ancient Hindus thought it was made up of solidified moonbeams. Ancient Romans believed this stone was created from drops of moonlight. It is believed to promote clear thinking, inner strength, inspiration, and to be a symbol of light and hope.

Morganite – a member of the Beryl family it has a natural soft pink color. Discovered by Frederic Kunz, the former head buyer at Tiffany, it was named after JP Morgan. It is believed to attune to the heart and to bring healing, compassion, assurance and promise.

Moss Agate – from the Chalcedony family, this is a protective light colored stone with green mineral inclusions that look like moss. It is believed to encourage tranquility and emotional balance.

Mother of Pearl – literally it is the “mother” of the pearl as the lining (referred to as nacre) found inside the mollusk shell creates the pearls that are formed inside. It is associated with the moon and is believed to provide motherly protection from negativity in love. It is also thought to represent innocence, purity and femininity

Obsidian and Obsidian Snowflake – naturally formed by the rapid cooling of viscous volcanic lava, black obsidian is believed to be a strong protective stone, snowflake obsidian occurs when small white mineral inclusions form “snowflake like” patterns against the black stone, the black and white of the stone are said to represent the balancing of light and dark

Onyx - a type of Chalcedony that has parallel banding. Agate is in the same family but has curved banding. 

Black onyx is used for grounding, protection and as a shield against negative energy. 

Sardonyx is a yellow-red to reddish brown variety of Onyx. Sardonyx has been associated with courage, happiness and clear communication since Ancient times.

Opal - comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala” meaning precious stone. Opals have history documented from Greek Mythology, who believed opals were Zeus’s tears. The Romans believed that the opal possessed the power of every stone due to its variety of color. Arabic legends claim they fell from the heavens during thunderstorms. The Greeks believed opals were named after the word “opallios” which means “to see a change in color.” White opals have a beautiful milky appearance but within it can be found all the colors of the rainbow. Opals can be found in many colors and represent hope, purity and truth.

Pearl – an organic creation – highly valued in Ancient Egypt and represented power and wealth. At one time ancient civilizations believed pearls to be the “tears of angels”. It takes approximately 1 year in its mollusk for every 1mm of growth. Pearls have represented innocence and faith

Peridot - Prized among numerous ancient civilizations, during the Middle Ages, Peridot was considered a stone that could provide healing powers and could drive away fear and nightmares. Many believe that ancient church treasures actually have specimens of Peridot instead of the Emeralds they believed them to be. It is believed this stone strengthens life, promotes prosperity, growth and openness

Pink Peruvian Opal – natural and untreated, its soft pink color is not dyed. It has sometimes been described as a pink ocean. Ancient Egyptians called it the “Hope Stone” and would adorn the crown of the pharaoh with pink Opals as a way of wishing him luck and good fortune. It is believed to bring about emotional healing and to bring a sense of love, peace and hope.

Prehnite – a mystical aura stone in a pale green color with inclusions, considered a stone of unconditional love, believed to be a stone of remembered dreams

Purple Charoite – named after the Russian word “chary” meaning magic or charms, it is usually lavender or purple in color. When it was found in Siberia, many thought the beautiful purple color was artificially enhanced but it was natural. Referred to as the “stone of transformation”, thought to aid in the transference of positive thoughts from negative ones.

Pyrite- known as “fool’s gold” because of it’s brass yellow metallic luster. It is a protective stone that shields against negative energy.

Quartz - a power stone, Quartz was once believed to be eternal ice sent by the heavenly gods. There are numerous varieties of Quartz but clear Quartz, sometimes referred to as “Rock Crystal” is transparent to white in color.  The Ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks believed in its magical powers, Ancient Japanese believed it was formed by the breath of a white dragon and thought it represented perfection. The word was said to be derived from the German word “Quarz” and the Greek word “krystallos” meaning ice. “A master healer, this stone is believed to amplify the energy around it, and enhances spiritual growth, awareness and wisdom.

Quench Crackled Fire Agate – fiercely protective stone, it is believed to be a healing stone that emanates life force and joie de vivre

Red Creek Jasper - also known as “Picasso Jasper,” it was only discovered in China in 2010.  Named after a stream that ran through the area, it has distinctive patterns of rusty red, mustard yellow, olive green, gray and brown. It’s patterns are reminiscent of a beautiful sunset. It is known as a stone of balance and relaxation, and like all Jaspers is a stone of protection and grounding.

Red Web Marble – comes from the Greek word “marmaros” meaning “shining stone”. Red Web Marble is bone color with web-like veins of red running throughout. It is thought to bring strength to difficult circumstances and to encourage positive focus

Rhodochrosite – found in a rose red color but can also be found in dark pink and brown, it is believed to integrate physical and spiritual energies

Rhodolite - a rose pink to red member of the garnet family. It’s name is derived from the Greek word “rhododendron” which means “rose-like” it is a stone of inspiration, love and emotional healing. It is particularly beneficial in recovery from emotional trauma.

Rhyolite – extrusive igneous or volcanic rock, it is believed to facilitate change and deal calmly with life’s challenges.

Rocky Butte Impression Jasper – from Western Oregon near the rocky butte. Though it is completely natural, the surface of the stone has Picasso-like scenic paintings. This artistic stone is believed to promote brotherhood and to nurture the spirit of accepting life’s changes

Rose Quartz – a gemstone of the heart with its soft, delicate pink color.  Like all varieties of Quartz, it is a universal healing stone. Believed to be a token of love since 600 BC, Ancient Greek mythology tells the tale of Cupid, the god of love, who brought Rose Quartz from the heavens to earth to spread more love and passion. This stone represents unconditional love and compassion and is said to heal emotional wounds.

Ruby – the most valuable member of the Corundum family, which includes Sapphire. In Ancient Sanskrit legend, it is referred to “ratnaraj” or “king of Precious Stones”. It is mentioned at least four times in the Bible and is associated with beauty and wisdom. In Burma warriors wore rubies to be invincible in battle. Ruby’s blood-like red color is believed to embody the power of life. As such, it can open the heart, to promote love and passion and is the symbol of royalty and vitality

Ruby in Zoisite – referred to as “anyolite, which comes from the word “anyoli” the Masai Tribal word for “green”. It is the cousin to Tanzanite (blue zoisite) from Tanzania. Referred to as a “stone of gratitude” it is a beautiful green stone with natural ruby inclusions. This unusual combination of color represents passion and patience and is said to not only be an effective healing stone but is thought to be one of the most magnificent and noblest of all the stones.

Sandstone – natural, untreated sedimentary rock, it is believed to be the stone of creativity and to balance one’s reality

Gold Sandstone – believed to increase the intuition of the wearer and to know the real intentions of others

Blue Sandstone – believed to be the symbol of aspirations, new beginnings and success

Sapphire – one of the big 3, from the Latin word “saphirus” which means blue. For centuries, it was seen as a symbol of the heavens. It was also referred to as the symbol of nobility, wisdom and loyalty. It is believed to bring peace and happiness to the wearer and encourages self knowledge

Sodalite – first discovered in 1811; by Europeans in Greenland, but has been traced back to 2000 BC.  Mostly found in blue and white and is often confused with Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite is considered to be a stone of insight, and to bring order and calmness to the mind

Smoky Quartz – a grounding stone, natural and untreated, one variety of smoky quartz is referred to as the national gemstone of Scotland, it is believed to attract positive things like love and inner peace.

Spinel – mined in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Afghanistan and Vietnam, it is found in a variety of colors; red, lavender, violet, blue, green, brown and black. Red Spinel has often been mistaken for ruby, it was discovered that many historical crown jewels believed to contain rubies were actually adorned with red spinel. It was impossible to differentiate between the two until 1783, when a mineralogist discovered there actually was a difference. It is believed to be a stone of hope and revitalization.

Spiny Oyster – a beautiful natural orange color, it is often used with turquoise in Native American jewelry. Spiny oyster comes from from the word “Spondylus” or thorny oyster. This is a bivalve mollusk that is found in warm water off the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and North and South America. It is hand-harvested by divers. The color of the stone depends on the depth of the water. It is believed to bring feelings of hope, strength and courage.

Strawberry Quartz – a powerful natural, untreated stone in a beautiful darker shade of pink. Considered to be a “stone of joy”, Strawberry Quartz is a symbol of self love and self confidence

Sunstone – always natural and untreated, it refracts light and creates iridescence at different angles. This light effect is referred to as “schiller” which is German for “shiny” or “twinkling”. It is believed to be connected to the energy of the Sun and is a stone of positive energy and good fortune

Tanzanite – a rare beautiful blue and violet Zoisite stone only found in Tanzania. It is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth. It wasn’t named until 1967 by Tiffany &Co., who declared this stone to be the most significant gemstone discovery in 2000 years. It is referred to as a “fire” stone which brings warmth and illumination and protects those that are healing

Thulite – one of the Zoisites, it is naturally pink in color, an untreated stone found in Norway. It is believed to radiate love and compassion, to be a strong healing stone and to help move on from the errors of one’s past and to make calm, rational decisions 

Tiger’s Eye – natural, untreated, phenomena stone – Ancient Egyptians believed the shimmering rays in the stone (chatoyancy) represented the heavens, a member of the Chalcedony family, it promotes balance and strength in difficult times, and promotes self confidence and good fortune

Tourmaline – comes from Ancient Sinhalese word “tura mali” or “stone of many colors” and was believed to have absorbed its colors as it traveled along a rainbow. Unofficially our nation’s gemstone since its primary source is an American mine. It is believed to strengthen body and spirit, promotes inspiration and calms nerves

Topaz – comes from the Greek word, “topazion” meaning fire, Topaz is December’s birthstone and is believed to be a symbol of love and affection

Turquoise – Early Native Americans believed this stone was created from the colors of the blue skies and the brown earth and thought it to be a conduit between earth and the skies, it is referred to as the “fallen sky stone.” Many Native Americans wore this beautiful blue-green stone for its protection in battle. It is believed to be a stone of wisdom, tranquility, good fortune and happiness

Unakite – natural, discovered in Unakas Mountains, a part of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. It is a form of granite that has mottled patterns of green veins with pink. It is believed to be a stone of vision, balance and grounding, some believe it opens portal to heavenly worlds where messengers and guardians reside

Yellow Ethiopian Opal – comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala” meaning precious stone. Opals have history documented from Greek Mythology, who believed opals were Zeus’s tears, to the Romans who believed that the opal possessed the power of every stone due to its variety of color. Yellow opals have been associated with creativity and inspiration, encouraging self confidence and self worth

Yellow Serpentine – natural and untreated, it comes from the Latin word, “serpens”.  Due to its mottled and scaly appearance, like a serpent or snake. Yellow Serpentine brings out the positive energy around you and helps you to connect with your spiritual self.

Watermelon Quenched Crackle Solar Quartz – a variety of quartz – a cross section of a stalactite, found in limestone caves in Africa and Brazil. A powerful heart stone – encourages peace and happiness, compassion for yourself and others

White Magnesite - a stone known for its calming properties, helps in creative visualization and imagination. Thought to allow deep peace and silent relaxation during meditation.

Zoisite – a mineral that includes several gem varieties, ie. Ruby in Zoisite, Thulite and Tanzanite. Zoisite is referred to as a stone of return, return to self, return to one’s self etc.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for entertainment purposes only. It is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or illness, nor replace any professional medical or psychological advice.


January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine or Bloodstone

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl or Alexandrite or Moonstone

July – Ruby

August – Peridot or Spinel or Sardonyx

September – Sapphire

October – Opal or Tourmaline (usually Pink Tourmaline)

November – Citrine or Topaz

December – Turquoise or Tanzanite or Blue Topaz or Blue Zircon or Lapis Lazuli